zSOLD SOLD Full size Purpleheart grips SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD Purpleheart is a very hard wood that reacts with air and UV rays once it's cut. It actually starts out a dull brownish gray and a couple of days exposed to the sun, it turns the great bright purple that you see here in the pics. All natural color! This set will look great on either a dark or light frame. These grips fit the frame lines and are shaped in a way that no one else does. It just makes the grips and weapon melt into your hand. I hand fit them to my own pistol, so the fit is right and the carry is comfortable. The grips are protected by a multi layered gloss polyurethane for great finish, aesthetics and protection. Take a look, and thanks for stopping by!
zSOLD SOLD Full size Purpleheart grips SOLD SOLD
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