Full size Tiger Stripe Narra grips -INSETS - PRIMO!

Tiger Stripe Narra is gorgeous and rich with color and figure but the real stars of this set are the GENUINE Mercury dimes that are inset. Real U.S. minted Mercury dimes from the year 1944 are inset and covered. This set will look great on either a dark or light frame. These grips fit the frame lines and are shaped in a way that no one else does. It just makes the grips and weapon melt into your hand. I hand fit them to my own pistol, so the fit is right and the carry is comfortable. The grips are protected by a multi layered satin polyurethane for great finish, aesthetics and protection. Take a look, and thanks for stopping by! The insets are GENUINE and REAL United States coins - Mercury dimes from 1944. Inset and covered, they are absolutely stunning and cool! Hold history in your hand AND dress your 1911 up in a gorgeous and unique way with this set!
Full size Tiger Stripe Narra grips -INSETS - PRIMO!
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