Full sized African Rosewood grips

African Rosewood comes in a few different colors and figure patterns, all of which are unique and beautiful on their own. This set is a nice red/brown with great darker veining. A very nice set for someone who wants beauty without being too "loud". A truly elegant set done in a wood that's tough enough to put up with whatever you throws at it. These will enhance any full size frame quite nicely! These grips fit the frame lines and are shaped in a way that no one else does. It just makes the grips and weapon melt into your hand. I hand fit them to my own pistol frame, so the fit is right and the carry is comfortable. The MSH pin is covered, in what has become a sort of trademark of mine. The grips are protected by a multi layered satin polyurethane for great finish, aesthetics and protection. Take a look, and thanks for stopping by!
Full sized African Rosewood grips
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