EMP Grips in genuine Stag Horn

EMP owners should have choices too. Boy are you at the right place! Gorgeous exotic woods with hand fit attention to detail and fit - You just can't go wrong. My EMP grips match the standard EMP grip thickness, so no changing of bushings or screws is necessary. Natural Stag Horn is a highly sought after material that takes the right touch to have them come out just right. This GENUINE Stag horn set is wonderful! Gorgeous in every way, these will certainly raise your EMP to new levels! This set is a nice mix of exterior texture and down to the bone and coloration of the interior - beautiful! Check out the pics and you'll see what I mean. A stunning set on the EMP! The finish is satin, to both protect the horn, while allowing the full beauty of the material to shine through. This set also has the MSH pin cutout as you can see. Check out the pics and enjoy! Sarge
EMP Grips in genuine Stag Horn
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Price $125.00