Full size Black and White Ebony Grips - PRIMO! SLIMS

This set is done in the SLIM thickness. Black and White Ebony is a semi rare wood. This set is great with it's color mix, but it also has some spectacular tracking in it as well. Bugs have attacked this wood and left their marks which are unique and beautiful to boot. A great rustic look in this set that will draw lot's of attention! With these colors, this set will go well on either a light or dark frame, and it will definitely make your pistol a one of a kind that will be remembered. Of course, the set has been hand fit to my own pistol for the best fit and best feel available anywhere. The grips are protected by a multi layered satin lacquer for superior finish, aesthetics and protection. These grips feature a covered MSH pin cutout for a new sleek look and style that has become my trademark of sorts. If you need them cut for an ambi safety, or would like to have them in a satin finish, just add those to your cart from the options category prior to checking out. Thanks! Sarge
Full size Black and White Ebony Grips - PRIMO! SLIMS
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