Full size curly Koa grips - PRIMO SLIMS!

This set is done in the slim thickness. Koa is a native wood of Hawaii and in pieces with the level of figure is VERY highly sought after. Pieces like this are very limited in availability. The figure doesn't get any tighter or deeper than you find right here. This set is done in a shining example of the beauty this wood can have. Look at the pattern and the rich color and you'll understand why this wood is SO sought after. If you want not only stunning beauty, but also "bragging rights" to all who see your pistol, this is the set for you. These grips fit the frame lines and are shaped in a way that no one else does. It just makes the grips and weapon melt into your hand. I hand fit them to my own pistol, so the fit is right and the carry is comfortable. The grips are protected by a multi layered satin polyurethane for great finish, aesthetics and protection. Take a look, and thanks for stopping by!
Full size curly Koa grips - PRIMO SLIMS!
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