zSOLD SOLD Bobtail Buffalo Horn grips - PRIMO! SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD Many people don't know that buffalo horn isn't bone - it's actually compressed hair. Compressed so much, that it's almost as hard as bone is. This set features coal black background with some white streaking as well. This set is gorgeous! Just imagine what this set can do for your pistol. Your friends will all be jealous when you pull your pistol out with these on it! With the all business dark color, it will go well with either a light or dark frame, and no matter where it finds its home, it will only add to the elegance and overall beauty of the pistol. Check out the pics. Of course, the set has been hand fit to my own bobtail for the best frame fit ANYWHERE. I also round the grips at the bobtail and bottom edge of the frame to produce a shape that let's the pistol simply melt into your hand. The most comfortable and accurate shooting, the most stylish and comfortable carry, it's all here! The grips are protected by a multi layered satin Polyurethane for superior finish, aesthetics and protection. Thanks! Sarge
zSOLD SOLD Bobtail Buffalo Horn grips - PRIMO! SOLD SOLD
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