zSOLD SOLD Full size GENUINE King Cobra skin grips! SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD Another set of grips from a NEW PRIMO PELT! REAL King Cobra hide put over wood using my own proprietary method that ensures years of use without worry. The beauty of this is that I didn't sacrifice ANY of the shaping, feel or frame fit of my unique full size grips to do this. It took some figuring out, but you get the radiused, frame fitting grip with no creases or seams in the outer skin. This set is done in a VERY cool black and white King Cobra skin. The natural texture of the scales themselves provide a great feeling texture that will enhance your grip. I came up with a unique system of applying them over wood so that these grips are not only UBER cool, they are FULLY functional and can put up with daily carry or range time. The skin provides a unique one way texture that is just great! As if King Cobra skin isn't tough enough, I applied a protective coat of finish on the grips to ensure that they're as water resistant as possible. It really didn't change the look of the skin at all. These are wonderful and will be real conversation starters with all who see your pistol. They will make your weapon a real source of pride! When they're in your hand, you will understand why these are special. Great looking stuff! The fit is great, and my "Total comfort" rule is in full effect. You won't find this level of fit and finish anywhere else. I use my own pistol to fit the grips too, so the fit is right and the carry is comfortable. Good stuff! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the pics! Sarge
zSOLD SOLD Full size GENUINE King Cobra skin grips! SOLD SOLD
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