zSOLD SOLD Full Size Birdseye Maple grips - PRIMO! SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD Birds Eye Maple is a unique look in nature. One that no on has been able to explain yet - no one knows what exactly causes the wood to form this way. This set is made from the lighter colored variety of B.E.M. Very distinctive and beautiful! This set really pops no matter whether you have a stainless frame or a black frame. Put all of that together with my hand shaping and a fit to frame that others just can't match, and you have something very special here. Look at the pics and let your eyes drink it in. Conversations at the range will be frequent when you have these out. Make your pistol uniquely yours! The fit is great, and my "Total comfort" rule is in full effect. Of course, these are fit to my own pistol and feature my unique shaping to the frame. The grips are finished in multi layered and hand sanded satin polyurethane finish for great protection and aesthetics. If you need them ambi cut, just add that to your order from the options category and I'll make it happen. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the pics! Sarge
zSOLD SOLD Full Size Birdseye Maple grips - PRIMO!  SOLD SOLD
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