Postal Insurance (Please read the description)

If you wish to insure your package for value (invoice value of your order) up to $150, then this is the option for you. Delivery confirmation is included with basic shipping, but your shipment is only insured for the basic Priority Mail coverage of $50 unless you choose this option. I cannot be responsible for your package once it is dropped off at the post office for shipment, but if you insure that package, and it is lost, you can file a claim with the post office for coverage of the value of contents of the package. I will provide you with the tracking # when your package is shipped - you will need this number if indeed your package is lost or damaged and you need to file a claim. This is only offered by the US Post Office for the 50 United States, and is not good or valid anywhere else. Multiple sets shipped in one package can be fully insured (over $150 total value) but will be quoted on a case by case basis. IF YOU DO NOT SELECT AND PAY FOR THIS OPTION AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER, IT CANNOT BE ADDED AFTERWARD. I CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST/DAMAGED PACKAGES NOW THAT THIS OPTION IS ON THE SITE. BY TURNING DOWN THIS OPTION TO INSURE YOUR PACKAGE, YOU ARE TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR SHIPMENT. The USPS does an outstanding job of delivering packages day in and day out, but as their budget shrinks and their workforce is expected to do more and more, lost packages are a logical part of the equation.
Postal Insurance (Please read the description)
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