Full size subtle Skulls over bone color grips

My full size and Commander grip sets are EACH hand made from start to finish for the best fit available anywhere. In this set I give you the latest in materials and patterns on man made materials. The grips fit the frame perfectly and make the radius of the MSH flow together in one smooth transition from frame to grip panels. The result is a great feel in the hand for even more comfortable shooting experience and also more accurate shooting. This set is a new offering on the site - Subtle Skulls! A very cool addition to the line of grips that will appeal to a whole new audience as well as being a beautiful improvement to your 1911! Bragging rights all over the place! Due to the application process for these patterns, ambi cuts and stippling cannot be done once they are complete. Those things can be done if wanted, but only by special order so they can be included in the fabrication. Thanks for being here! Sarge
Full size subtle Skulls over bone color grips
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