Bobtail PRIMO Figured Koa - SLIMS VBOB

Remember, any special order requests can be sent to me at Let me know what you want! This set of SLIM VBOB grips is done in the highest end PRIMO Koa available. You can see the results with your own eyes, and the pics do no justice to the true beauty and figure that can see in person - there is a depth and chatoyance that dances in the light! Rare wood in grips that actually fit! This set is slim thickness and will fit the Dan Wesson VBOB. It will also fit the Guardian, but be just slightly undersized along the MSH. Special orders can be made for Guardian and Ed Brown frames, just contact me. No ugly chop and bevel here, every surface is rounded and blended for the most comfort and control while shooting, and the fit is better than any other! I make each set by hand and it really shows! Grab 'em while they're here! Sarge
Bobtail PRIMO Figured Koa - SLIMS VBOB
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