Add a stipple pattern to your set!

Simply put the particular stipple pattern you would like in the "special instructions" section when ordering. Got questions about the different stippled patterns? Go here: Or go to Youtube and simply do a search for Sarge's Grips - a video will come up showing you the different available patterns. A tactical, shadow, or Daily Carry stipple pattern can be added to any set of grips (unless noted as not possible in the set description), but requires not only adding the stippling, but also refinishing the grips. Please note, any engraving or logo shown on two of the examples is NOT included. The pictures are to demonstrate the stipple patterns only. If ordering more than one set of grips, please let me know which set(s) this applies too. Please note that you do NOT need to add the refinishing option to the set if you're having the stipple pattern done, as it is already included.
Add a stipple pattern to your set!
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